Gretna Lawn and Land Services has one goal, which is to make your lawn the best in the neighborhood. Our years of experience combined with our passion for great work and customer service will be apparent when you see the results in your yard. We use premium commercial products and equipment in the most efficient, effective and responsible manner. It is our belief that your lawn is so much more than just ground cover which needs to be periodically cut. Your lawn can and should convey to everyone the pride you take in your home and property. 

Gretna Lawn and Land Services is a local company with roots in Gretna going back as far as the Homestead Act. We still own and work the farm our ancestors homesteaded right here in Gretna NE. The same pride we feel in our agricultural heritage and our farmland will be applied to your yard or acreage. Weather you are in Gretna or the surrounding communites, we will give you the best lawn in the neighborhood.  Also, we intend that you will be so happy our work that you will tell friends and neighbors. Please contact Anna to discuss a plan for your lawn that will exceed your expectations at price you will feel good about.